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Naurtech VT200, 3270, 5250 Terminalemulation
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Handheld Terminal Emulation

Despite popular belief, majority of the corporate business logic and mission critical data still resides on IBM mainframes and VT hosts. Terminal Emulation is the simplest, most cost-effective solution to access this business logic and data. Hence, Terminal Emulation remains the dominant application in Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solutions for barcode enabled handheld devices.

Accessing host applications from "connected" handheld devices requires an efficient, graphical terminal emulation application software running on handheld devices.


Handheld terminal emulation makes sense because:

  • With a TE application running on the device, no changes are required to the existing backend / host applications. This allows users to upgrade to a new technology device, without any investments or risks in the backend / host systems
  • A native TE client running on the device delivers a higher productivity, higher usability solution
  • A TE client directly interfaces with the host application. This minimizes the failure points between the handheld terminal and the host application
  • A TE solution today provides a stepping stone migration path for those who eventually want to get to web based solutions.

Naurtech corporation provides the industry's most innovative handheld terminal emulation for ADC solutions. Our product portfolio includes device tailored TE with integrated support for barcode scanning and mobile printing, all backed by responsive customer

Naurtech Web Browser: Benefits

Windows CE devices come with a built-in Web Browser application. However, this Browser is highly inadequate for data collection solutions. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cannot lock out the operating system and prevent users from navigating away from the web application
  • Cannot remap hardware keys
  • Cannot intercept barcode data in the web page JavaScript for intelligently filling web forms
  • Cannot control device and its peripherals programmatically from within web page HTML source
  • Solution essential keys such as TAB do not work correctly within the built-in browser
  • Cannot control display and hiding of the built-in SIP (Standard Input Panel or Soft Keyboard)
  • Cannot lock down the device and run the application in full screen mode

The Naurtech Data Collection Web Browser extends the built in browser on Windows CE devices to offer features and functionality for web based data collection applications. Here are some of the benefits:

  • .NET and Windows Mobile platform support
    Our integrated Web Browser fully supports any Windows CE device running either Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows CE .NET OS platforms. We are the only vendor with such a breadth of offering.
  • Multiple Web Browser sessions
    You can run up to four simultaneous, independent Web Browser sessions. Separate instances of the application are not needed. This significantly eases proper and reliable lockdown of the device. Ability to run simultaneous multiple Web Browser sessions is unique to our product.
  • Associate keypad hardware keys
    Touch screen navigation may not be suitable in every web based application. Therefore we provide the ability to associate menu options, URLs, text string or any application operation to a hardware key. You can also assign a hardware key to a JavaScript function.
  • Operating System lockout & SIP Control
    Unlike the built-in web browsers on your .NET or WM2003 terminals, you can completely lock out a user from the operating system by hiding the address, navigation and Start bars. This prevents users from exiting the web application or launching any other application and locks down the device completely.
  • Device Control from Java Script functions
    The handheld device and its integrated peripherals, such as barcode scanner, RFID reader, and printers can be fully configured and controlled using HTML META tags embedded JavaScript within your web page. You can specify JavaScript functions to be invoked on various HTTP and Form triggers. You can also programmatically control the device from within your JavaScript functions: Invoke beeps, sounds and device vibration, Trigger JavaScript function on events such as device power on, web page load etc., enable or disable the barcode scanner, control and route data to printers etc using the Naurtech ID Action (IDA) codes.
  • Parse scanner decoded data
    Your web based applications can have the ability to validate, manipulate and parse the barcode scan data. A single 1D or 2D barcode can automatically be read into multiple input fields within a web form.
  • Full screen readability & Context Menus
    You can hide the “Start” bar, application menu, toolbar, and keybars to maximize usage of your screen real estate giving you the full 320 x 240, ¼ VGA screen for display. “Tap and hold” Context menus are available for application control.
  • RF Signal, Battery and Wait State Indicators
    When the device is fully locked down, the Start bar is hidden. This also hides the operating system provided status icons. You can configure display and update of various Indicators, such as RF Signal and Battery strength in your Browser sessions.
  • TAB Key processing
    By default, the behavior of the tab key within the built-in browser is incorrect and non-intuitive. We correct this. You can also invoke the tab key as part of a barcode pre or post amble.
  • Application Launcher
    You can configure an HTML page to act as an application launcher to invoke various legacy host or web based applications.
  • Seamless Migration
    Terminal emulation and HTML sessions can co-exist under the same application. You do not have to run two separate applications and can easily switch between the two. This provides a seamless migration path from legacy text based to GUI rich applications.