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Technifor Deep Scribing SV312 Mærkefelt 120 x 40 mm
technifor_sv312b-medium-2.jpgInkl. 3 mtr. kabel mellem mærkehoved og UC312, samt Scratchnig Stylus og T101W WINDOWS BASERET PC PROGRAM
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Deep and fast marking by scribing
SV312 - Integrable marking machine
Marking area 120 x 40 mm.

USAGE : The SV312 is the ideal solution for marking on metallic parts,
of various shapes and states of surfaces, mainly for the following sectors:
- Automobile (V.I.N. marking, engine block, ...),
- Construction (structural iron, …),
- Off shore (tubes, valves, joints, …),
- Etc ...

ENVIRONMENT : The SV312 marking system is designed for industrial integration on assembly and automatic production lines.



High Performance
  • Maximum depth:
    - 0.3mm in steel at 110 HB
    - 0.25mm in cast iron
  • Marking speed:
    - less than 10 seconds for 19 characters of 7mm (V.I.N. marking).

Simplified industrial integration
  • Piloting of the marking head by:
    - Selection of files stored in the UC312’s memory, by activation of inputs.
    - Control unit in autonomous operation.
    - PLC or any other information system, via RS232 connection.
  • Rapid interchangeability of the head:
    - Mounted using mechanical fasteners.


SV312 marking head
with its UC312 control unit

Control Unit
Completely independent operation


The UC312 control unit integrates the composition of the text to be marked (removable external keyboard).
Easy to integrate
The internal software allows you to independently operate the UC312 (no need for an external PC or PLC to program the control unit).
Easy to program

Various methods of inputting data :

  • 105 key AT external keyboard (included with UC312).      
  • PC using T101W Windows® software.
  • PLC via RS232 link (DB9 connector).
  • Other information systems via RS232 link.
  • Bar code reader via RS232 link (option).


Scribing marking machine
T101W marking software
Technifor marking machines are designed to adapt to their industrial environment :
- standard or specific programs responding to marking requirements
- Standard marking machines are operated by Technifor's software : T101W.
  • User friendly software
    Graphic interface offers direct access to files for creation using the WindowsT environment.
  • Flexibility
    The marking parameters are adjustable : speed, size, marking depth.
  • Safety
    There are two user levels: supervisor or operator, and they are protected by passwords.
  • Speed
    • The marking files are stored in the control unit or PC memory. Access is quick and easy.
    • The marking file variables are calculated automatically : date and time, batch, serial numbers, shift codes.
tw101_1-medium.jpg                tw101_2-medium.jpg
                     Input screen                                                          preview 
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ekskl. Moms. (25%)
ekskl. Moms. (25%)
ekskl. Moms. (25%)
ekskl. Moms. (25%)