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logo_topsystem_vektor-small-3.jpgSproggenkendelsessoftware til Standard PDA’s, Klient Licens til 1 PDA. Skal bruge PDA (f.eks. LXE MX7) Headset, Server-, Engin Admin- og Træiningslicens

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Client-based speech system

At the moment, topSPEECH-Lydia®-PDA is the only "pick by voice" system world-wide working independently from the hardware. It proves its efficiency in many successful installations at our customers. The use of standard PDAs of different manufacturers and a special speech recognition software for the voice picking developed by topsystem make voice picking reasonable and usable in every warehouse.

As a speech-based system, topSPEECH-Lydia® liberates the worker from unnecessary work steps, e.g. the handling of picking lists or barcode scanners. The written instructions on paper or screen are replaced by spoken work instructions via headset. The normal data input is not done by means of a keyboard or a scanner, but by an integrated microphone receiving the worker’s spoken words.

The following advantages result hereof:

  • Increase of quality in the picking process because there is no more distraction
  • Increase of productivity due to a more ergonomic procedure

All this improves the picking process, often making possible a return of investment of less than one year.

Easy integration into existing logistic systems

By means of existing database or file interfaces, topSPEECH-Lydia® can easily be added to existing warehousing or goods transaction systems so that it is problem-free to integrate the speech-based application as a new module into the existing logistic systems.

Advantages of the client-based speech system

The advantages of the new, client-based speech system are that both the software and the speech recognition are embodied in the portable belt-worn PDA. Therefore it is possible to use the system even in not fully radio-covered warehouse complexes. This also allows for operations outdoors or in other remote areas.