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Paxar Pathfinder 6039 Ultra Platinum
pathfinder_6039-medium.jpgWindows CE.NET, Laser-Scanner, 32MB RAM 64MB-Flash, CF og SD-Slot, Wrist-Strap, inkl. Li-Ion Batteri, Lader og Betjeningsvejledning på CD
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6039 Pathfinder Ultra Platinum

The Pathfinder Platinum is a unique one piece solution to combat supply chain challenges.

The Pathfinder Ultra Platinum printer has been uniquely designed to address today's supply chain challenges. Common issues include aging and incompatible IT architecture as well as the need to eliminate errors while gaining visibility to real-time data - businesses need to be addressing these issues to remain competitive

This unique one-piece solution provides multiple benefits including:

  • Increased productivity by reducing labelling cycle times;
  • Increased worker productivity;
  • Real-time visibility into mission-critical needs such as information sharing;
  •   Improved data accuracy;
  • Reducing errors within each application; and
  • Financial efficiency

3-in-1 functionality means mark-down has never been easier

Mark-down promotions are an important part of helping your business reduce its waste figures. But when the task of marking down can involve two or more separate machines, a data terminal, scanning device and printer, it becomes a time consuming and costly exercise. That’s why the new Paxar Pathfinder® 6039TM is a time-saving and money-saving solution. Combining scanning, data collection and print and apply labelling all in one hand-held machine, it puts leading edge technology and multiple functionality at your fingertips, and will improve productivity.

It works where you do

With so many useful functions in just one machine, the Pathfinder® 6039TM is far too versatile to use only for mark-down or shelf edge labelling in store. Its rugged construction and durability means you can safely take it into any working environment.

Simplified logistics

Logistics and distribution operations can be simplified and streamlined, by eliminating the picking slip. Instead, by using the Pathfinder® 6039TM, the host simply directs the operator – via the RF network – to pick, label, apply and pack on the go.

Effortless inventory control

With the Pathfinder® 6039TM, it’s easy to identify the correct unloading bay or other location for incoming goods, and direct the delivery accordingly. By using the unit’s real-time functionality means the stock system can be kept constantly up to date.

Print and Apply and more


The Pathfinder® 6039TM incorporates one of the world’s smallest high intensity scanners for fast and accurate data capture.

Data collection

The optional 802.11b/g RF network functionality allows data collection and processing in real time. Built in USB OnTheGo with master or slave capability and optional Bluetooth® connectivity allows connectivity to many peripheral devices such as chip n pin readers.


Whatever kind of labels you need to print, the Pathfinder® 6039’sTM built-in printer will print them. In addition to branded and security-type labels it will also print on tags and receipt paper. Loading the print media is quick and easy, with a simple drop-in facility.

Windows® makes it easy

Based on the powerful Microsoft Windows® CE.Net platform, the Pathfinder® 6039TM has a familiar touch-screen interface, so operators need little training before they’re ready to go. The Windows®-based CE platform also eliminates the need for costly and time consuming bespoke code writing. The widespread use of the CE platform means the Pathfinder® 6039TM can be integrated alongside most existing mobile devices, and support a huge number of back-end business systems.
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