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Promag MSR-500 Magnetic Stripe Reader
promag_msr500-2.jpgMobile magnetic-card reader with internal power consumption
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The Promag MSR-500 is used wherever magnetic cards are read outside. Its own power supply and 512 KB memory allow completely independent work over prolonged period of time.

The integrated memory reads up to 2,000 magnetic cards on the tracks 1-2-3, up to 4,000 on two tracks and even up to 8,000 with only one track left.

Even inexperienced personnel finds this device is really easy to operate. Magnetic cards can be pulled at different speeds through the reading slot and from any direction. The device adds a time stamp after which the data is sent to any PC with a RS232 interface. Possible applications include for instance, mobile time clocks using mag­netic cards or customer and visitor management, market research and similar.