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Promag MSR-120 Mobile Magnetic Card Reader with Display
promag_msr120-with-card-2.jpgstorage for 2048 cards with 3 stripes. With display, USB-Interface
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The MSR-120 is a mobile magnetic stripe ­reader with integrated display. This reader is an excellent choice for mobile data collection of EC, credit and magnetic cards of all kinds.

It uses a normal AAA battery for power supply and is ready-to-use by the press of the button. To transfer the data to a PC, simply connect it using a USB or RS232 cable. MSR-120 is a password protected device – unauthorized access is not possible. Use the setup software on the provided CD to configure date, date format, time, interface and backlight of the reader.

Whenever you want to transfer your collected data to the PC, a simple­ press on the button is enough. All data entries are displayed in order, and for every entry you will find information from three different tracks successively. Its memory can hold up to 2,048 data entries before any data has to be transferred to a computer. Every read process is accompanied by an acoustic and visual confirmation. Use its four navigation keys to control the device, go through data entries or delete them. After each read process the magnetic stripe data is displayed on the device. This includes always status information on the total amount of data entries, date and time.