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Jarltech 1260K-12 Magnetic Card Reader
jarltech_1260-2.jpgMagnetic card reader as keyboard wedge for tracks 1+2, PS/2-cable inclusive. Model 1260 can be programmed more flexibly (via software) than the model 1210
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The Jarltech 1260 is an even more power­ful version of the 1205/1210 series. The same housing contains a modern decoder The Jarltech 1260 is an even more power­ful version of the 1205/1210 series. The same housing contains a modern decoder that can be software-programmed under Windows. This reader processes all magnetic strips in ISO format and is so compatible with all commercial systems like bank cards, EC cards, credit cards and many cards of various customer retention systems.

Naturally, we provide 1260 versions for different track combi­nation, as not all applications acquire data from all magnetic tracks. By pulling through the card, the integrated decoder reads the data from the magnetic strip and converts it into ASCII code. Further data processing (such as rearranging information, character replacement, cutting character strings, etc.) can also be easily accomplished with the 1260 decoder. All functions can be accessed through an easy-to-use software under Windows. The Jarltech 1260 magnetic stripe reader is ready for all systems with special requirements on data formatting, or that need only parts of the input data for security reasons, such as in EC or credit cards.

The 1260 comes with three optional connection types: Keyboard wedge, serial or USB. The keyboard wedge version (Jarltech 1260K) is simply connected between PC and keyboard, and does not require additional power supply. All read data is sent to the keyboard interface as if typed on the keyboard. The device is very easy to install in this version, as is simulates a keyboard and no driver installation or software adjustments are required.

The serial version (Jarltech 1260R) requires in addition to the card reader an additional power supply (external AC adaptor or provided slot plate adaptor). The device sends all read data to the serial inter­face. For this reason, the cash register software has to access the interface actively to process incoming data input. This can be of advantage, if data processing is only required for some transactions or if the data is confidential and must not appear on the screen.

The USB version (1260U) is available as the third connection type in the 1260 series. Necessary Windows drivers that either work as a keyboard wedge and automatically send the data to the keyboard buffer or as a RS232 emulation are available at Jarltech free of charge.