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Jarltech 1200: Compact magnetic stripe reader
jarltech_1200-2.jpgMagnetic stripe reader, black, USB-Port, for tracks 1, 2 and 3. USB cable included, power supply via USB port. Transmits data to a virtual COM port, driver available for free
Made By:Jarltech

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The Jarltech 1200 magnetic card reader is an exceptionally reasonable entry-level device that answers the demands of a POS perfectly. It is able to read all three ISO tracks and can be used for various applications (customer cards, time recording, EC cards, credit cards etc.). The card’s data is transmitted to the PC after swiping it through the reader.

The user swipes the card through the slot just like with any other magnetic card reader. In less than 0.7 seconds, the data is read and sent to the PC. Especially in crowded areas, a fast reader like this one offers a high degree of freedom. The Jarltech 1200 uses a particularly accurate reading process that recognises most cards with the first swipe. Even dirty or demagnetised cards can be read effortlessly. For increased success rates, the user simply has to clean the magnetic head from time to time, using special cleaning cards.

The compact reader transmits the data over the USB interface directly to the PC (USB cable already supplied). It emulates a virtual COM port that does not have to write the data into the keyboard buffer. Software queries at the interface guarantee a smooth data transfer. The Jarltech 1200 supports the operating systems Windows and Linux. The required USB drivers can be downloaded in our support section under www.jarltech.com. The driver changes the USB data into ASCII commands to support the previously mentioned virtual COM port. The device uses the USB interface for its power supply as well, which makes extra AC adaptors and cables unnecessary.

The compact and ergonomic housing fits into any environment, regardless of how much space is available. The scanner is available in black, which helps to integrate it into most POS applications seamlessly. Its compact size of 115x34x46 mm (WxDxH) guarantees a space-saving use