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Glancetron 363B Card Reader/Writer
glancetron_363b-medium.jpg363B reads and writes ISO LoCo magnetic cards (all three tracks), connection to RS 232, power supply via PS/2-wedge (all included). Sample software for programming and batch programming of cards (for Windows)
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Magnetic card writer in robust plastic housing
Glancetron 363B
Professional magnetic card writer
Reads and writes all three ISO tracks
Serial interface
LoCo encoding (300 Oerstedt)
Free software available for reading and writing
The 363B is a magnetic card writer for reading and encoding magnetic cards according to ISO standard. Connect the device to the RS232 interface of your PC and access it by using serial commands under any operating system. It can write all three tracks on magnetic cards and process all commercial card types (such as credit cards, EC cards, employee or member cards, cards for customer retention systems, etc.).

An example is the integration of control routines into your own programmes, for which we provide a free Windows application. The same application is also used for programming magnetic cards with individual contents. For your own applications, you can use the control commands of the serial decoder freely.

The 363B reads and writes using an exceptionally safe two-head method: The first magnetic head writes data on the card while the second head verifies the data a second time. The device encodes all three ISO standard tracks using this method, which guarantees a very smooth production.

The 363B is an excellent choice for the issue of internal member and stored value cards, access and time clock applications, or for the design of your own customer retention systems. The device uses the so-called LoCo process with 300 Oerstedt to encode the magnetic cards. An external adaptor for power supply is not required, as the device receives the necessary power through the adaptor cable from the keyboard interface of your PC.

To indicate read and write processes the 363B features a status LED and a built-in buzzer. A graphical illustration on the topside indicates in which direction the cards are swiped through the reader so that the reader is also suitable for unattended transactions.

The sturdy plastic housing with integrated metal plate for desk-mounting, easy integration into existing systems, and its reliable two-head read/write process make the 363B the perfect choice for all applications that require slot readers.