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Bixolon BCD-1000DS High-end luminous vacuum fluorescent display for the cash desk
bixolon-bcd-1000-white-medium.jpg2x20 characters, characters green/blue, Pole height adjustable, for serial connection, without power supply, without RS232 cable
Made By:Samsung-Bixolon

Display Interface:
Display Colour:

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The BCD-1000 is a powerful customer display from Bixolon. It is suitable for all POS systems that require a customer pole display with a secure stand, clearly visible characters and easy integration. Many functions are already included in the standard version which adds to numerous advantages like high reliability and modern design.

The display has 2 rows with each 20 characters to show amounts, product information and messages to the customer. Preprogrammed routines (e.g. blinking, fade-in/fade-out, ticker messages) help the software developer to add special functions to his software.

The customer display is available in white or black with either a serial or a USB interface. It can be freely adjusted which puts its elegant design just in front of the customer. Its variable stand with a maximum height of 374mm fits into any POS environment, just like the pivoted display head with its 2x20 high-contrast characters in blue/green. For harsh conditions, such as very narrow checkout areas, the stand can be mounted to the desk and height-adjusted according to your different needs.

One of its extraordinary features is the variable power supply of 5-24volts. You connect this vacuum fluorescent display in various ways: Simply take an inexpensive AC adaptor of your choice that lies in the range of 5V to 24V. Alternatively, the BCD-1000­ can be power­ed directly from the cash register. This saves extra AC adaptors and helps to avoid cable problems at your POS station. If you wish, you also connect and power the display to your POS printer.

Because of its high reliability and an MTBF value of more than 20,000 hours, it is truly a long-term investment that pays off. ECR/POS communication ensures a flawless integration into any POS and as this protocol is standard for POS terminals, software support is always guaranteed. Various codepages included in the standard allow application in most countries.

Product Information

Display method

Vacuum fluorescent display

Display Colour


No. of Characters

40 (20 columns x 2 lines)

Character font

5 x 7 dot matrix

Character type

Alpha numeric 95; International 37;
Graphic characters 128; 12 pages


RS232C (+ 5vdc all in one Cable) or USB


20,000 hours

Power consumption

5.0 ~ 24 vdc / Max.10W

Epson ESC / POS, ADM787 / 788, DSP800, AEDEX,
UTC Standard, UTC Enhance, CD5220, NCR Real POS,
PD6000, ICD2002

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