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Axiohm PCPR Card Printer, 54mm, RS232 + USB
Made By:Axiohm

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Axiohm PCPR - print paper cards easy and cost effective

Create your own cards: it’s easy & cost effective
Axiohm’s multi use PCPR 54 mm thermal printer provides you with unlimited flexibility for the printing of all your cards on a credit card sized format, be it visitor’ badges, loyalty cards, prepaid phone cards, membership cards, passes, event tickets, …etc. With a compact design, PCPR thermal card printer can easily be installed in a variety of applications and locations: the perfect printing solution for use in environments such as a reception desk, trade shows, prepaid phonecard vendors and all other eventmanagement businesses...at the lowest cost.

Simple and efficient
This simple and cost effective solution combines both high printing speed up to 80 mm/s and high resolution (203 dpi), enabling you to quickly and easily create your own cards in a few seconds (1 card/15 sec) with high quality text, bar codes, photos, graphics, and logos printing. Using simple or double ISO format cards (54x86 or 51x172 mm), PCPR offers great versatility and is equipped with sensors that automatically identify the card format in use for an easy card insertion. Coming with a double interface in standard (USB & RS232), the printer can straightforwardly be integrated to any new or existing systems and comes with Windows drivers.

A solution for producing cards at a reduced cost
Printing cards on thermal paper is a cost effective alternative to plastic media for single-use cards, as well as for any uses where cost is of primary concern. Moreover, since the PCPR was designed exclusively for printing on thermal media, it offers an optimal cost/ performance ratio for this type of application. The compactness and performance of the PCPR 54 mm thermal printer, revolutionizes the world of thermal card printing and can be used for a large variety of applications.

Typical Applications
Visitor’s Badges
Prepaid Phonecards
Customer Loyalty cards
Passes / IDs
Event Ticketing

Key features
Printing speed: 1 card/15 sec (single card) 
Easy to use: Manual insertion
Multi use : printing on both single and double card formats 
Low cost per card

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