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ThermalPak™ TP2100B-52
itw_multiline-large.jpgSingle head traversing thermal transfer printer. Inkl. PR-1 Håndterminal & Flat-platen
Made By:ITW Betaprint

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           Jaguar TP-2100B Multiline

Single head traversing thermal transfer printer


Jaguar TP-2100 Multiline

Designed for printing onto Thermo Forming machines in the forming stages of production.

This allows the user to accomplish the printing of many packages at the same time and makes the Jaguar Multiline printer a very fast system. It uses the same hand held terminal as our regular Thermal Transfer Printer and has approximately 400kb of on board memory.

Product Specifications : Jaguar TP-2100 Multiline

Print Area 52mm or 106mm
Resolution 12 dots/mm - 300dpi
Print Speed 75-250 mm/sec
Print Configuration Programmable
  Print Heads: 1
  Prints Per Head: 6 (max)

Number of film advances:
2 or 3

Communication Ports RS-232 | 422 | 485:
Baud rate 1200 to 57600

Optional: Ethernet

Power Supply 230 V
50 HZ
700 W
Temperature Operates between
5 and 40 degrees
User Interface PR-1 Handset
Jaguar Design Software





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