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Jaguar J106cl Continuous Printer
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Made By:ITW Betaprint

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Jaguar II 106c


Jaguar II 106c

Designed to print onto film or labels in the forming stages of production. The 106c is a continuous printer and has a print head that meets the printing substrate and completes the print cycle in motion. Usually attached to Flow Wrapping machines.

The 106c will print a variety of information from real time date coding to more elaborate inclusions as Nutrition Panels, Ingredients, Batch numbers, Barcodes Julian Codes, Graphics, Logo’s and much more.

Product Specifications : Jaguar II 106c

Print Area 106mm x 200mm
Resolution 12 dots/mm - 300dpi
Print Speed 700mm/sec (46M/min)
Production up to 350 prints/min


up to 600 metres
Memory Programmable
1Mb (Flash)
Fonts - 1Mb (Flash)
Internal RAM - 500Kb
Optional PCMCIA 1 - 8Mb
Power supply  220/110V
Air supply 6 bar (6cm³/print)
Weight 7Kg

Technical Diagram



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