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ITW Betaprint 53LT Intermittent Printer
itw_53lt-medium.jpgLefthand model, Intermittent-motion. Incl. PR-1 Terminal, JDS4 Windowsbased program and Flat-platten. (Frame is made on order, and invoiced separately)
Made By:ITW Betaprint

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 Model 53LT Low Cost Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Intermittent or continuous-motion programmable thermal transfer printer
  • State-of-the-art, high-resolution print head technology
  • Self contained, (two component) space saving design, printer and power supply
  • Large 600 meter ribbon capacity with clutchless ribbon drive
  • Bi-directional ribbon drive for the most accurate and economical use of ribbon
  • Prints directly on flexible packaging, labels, bags, overwraps & more
  • Prints ingredients, real time and date codes, barcodes, text, logos, sell-by dates & more
Print Area Intermittent Motion Width 52mm x Length 30mm
Print Area Continuous Motion  Width 52mm x Length 50mm 
Resolution 12 dots/mm - 300dpi
Print Speed Intermittent Motion Up to 400mm/sec (24M/min) *
 Print Speed Continuous Motion Up to 400mm/sec (24M/min) *
* Dependent on image size and print to substrate compatibility


up to 600 metres
Interfaces RS232
Power supply  110/220/240V
Air supply 6 bar (6cm³/print)
Weight 7Kg