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EBS 230/7 Storskrift Ink-Jet Printer
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Product specifications




 PicAS, (EBS-230 Series - Industrial INK-JET Printers (DOD, LCP)

 Product name:

An ultracompact INK-JET printer equipped with a print-head where  electromagnetic valves are installed. This completely standalone, small-size (250xØ70 mm) device has been devised for users who are very demanding in relation to purchase cost and economical operation of the device, and still require sophisticated features. In spite of its low cost, the "PicAS" model offers all major capabilities of INK-JET printers.
 These are as follow:

EBS_kropla[8pix].gif Making durable and legible prints on a variety of types of surface, smooth, porous and also uneven surfaces of irregular shapes, such as pipes, bags, construction materials,
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif Applying non-contact print technology to avoid problems when printing onto curved surfaces,
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif The printing process is fully automated by the application of a photo-detector for detecting objects to be labelled and of an optional sensor for detecting travel rate of factory conveyors, if the conveyors run at varying speeds,
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif The date and time are available and can be used for updating service life/storage period automatically, numbering objects (via incremental and decremental counters),
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif Working with any IBM-compatible PC via the printer’s own control program to be run under MS Windows® and an USB interface.

See also: Inks for EBS-230 series printers.

Performance parameters
Parameter Value
Number of nozzles 7, 12 or 16
Nozzle diameter standard: 150µm,
option: 100 µm, 120 µm, 200µm.
Print height
non-turning print-head:
12mm for a 7-nozzle printer,
20mm for a 20-nozzle printer
27mm for a 16-nozzle printer;

turning print-head:
6-12mm for a 7-nozzle printer,
6-20mm for a 12-nozzle printer,
6-27mm for a 16-nozzle printer.
Working position any
Number of vertical rows printed at the same time 1
Number of text files and parameter sets stored in the printer memory at the same time 1 to 30 Texts are loaded to the printer via a PC or T200 terminal
Maximum number of characters in a text 1300 (includes controller characters for built-in fonts)

(!) Number of characters entered from Windows® fonts is limited – depending on the type and size of a font.
Graphics printing (logos, special graphic characters) Ability to edit and print text and graphic symbols with the application of Windows® fonts (True Type fonts) as well as with a bitmap editor, as standard.
Special characters national (diacritical) characters, graphics characters for information, warning, transport purposes (a collection of characters determined by manufacturer), etc.
Special registers date and time registers of any format, including storage-period register, incremental counter, decremental counter.
Editing texts and print parameters, printer control with use of a PC
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements:
IBM PC compatible - Pentium 200 or equivalent, 32 MB RAM, min. 50 MB free disc space on HDD,
EBS_kropla[8pix].gif Windows® 98SE / ME / NT / 2000 / XP/Vista® compatible operating system for text edit and print parameter programs,
with use of T200 terminal (optional)
Maximum print rate 600 rows/s
(at Resolution=60 dots/dm, Shift=60 m/min, Intensity: 50)
Timing internal generator or shaft-encoder (for varying speed conveyors)
Power supply IN: 100-240 V~, 50-60 Hz / 0,66-0,34 A
OUT: 24V , max. 1A

(power pack integrated with R230 cable distributor)
Compressed air supply EBS_kropla[8pix].gif not required !!!
Operating temperature range from +5 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature range (long term) from -10 °C to +45 °C
Humidity Up to 95% without steam condensation – for temperatures above the dew point (operation in rainfall is possible provided print surface is dry).
Ink Ink is made on a base of alcohol, acetone, water or MEK and in various colours available from catalogue (incl. white, yellow, blue, green, red and black).
Ink bottle capacity 1 litre – (!) the use of higher capacity bottles may result in microcompressor malfunction.
Ink consumption 1 litre of ink per >2 000 000 characters (with 7x5 dot matrix).
Weight approx. 600g – printer without mounting and cables,
approx. 1000g – R230 cable distributor with cables and printer accessory system.
Dimensions diameter: 70mm, length: 250mm – printer with connectors,
height: 250mm, width: 80mm, depth: 160mm – R230 cable distributor housing including cables.

Product information materials - Download
No. Description
EBS-230 User’s Manual for 1.5.134 and later control program version.    
 Number of files: 1 

The Manual is provided in the PDF file format .
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ekskl. Moms. (25%)
ekskl. Moms. (25%)