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Psion Teklogix WORKABOUT PRO Rugged Handheld Computer

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WORKABOUT PRO – The Flexible, Expandable Rugged Handheld Computer

The flexible, expandable workhorse

Let’s face it: you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. The rugged handheld computer you choose today may not be right when your needs change.
Unless you choose the legendary WORKABOUT PRO. It’s built on the Modulus platform, so it’s easily extended using a wide range of hardware modules -- anything from passport readers and fingerprint scanners to WAN radios, laser scanners, imagers and Bluetooth® printers. Plus a growing

range of connectivity peripherals (RS232, USB...) that mean you’ll never regret your decision.
Our many partners are always developing new modules. Choose one to meet your unique needs, change one when your needs evolve or use the Hardware Development Kit to make your own.

The mobile workhorse

The WORKABOUT PRO is relied on every day in mobile-intensive applications such as asset tracking, meter reading, and mobile ticketing across a variety of industries such as field service, courier, retail, warehousing and manufacturing -- and the list continues to grow.

It’s more than a data capture device, it’s a cellphone and an intelligent workstation too, allowing your mobile workers to call customers, upload route maps, and send data back to office headquarters.

It’s all about choice

Choose WiFi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA voice and data.  Choose numeric or full alphanumeric keyboards.  Choose your scanners, imagers and RFID options.  There’s even a choice of Windows® flavors.    

Even once deployed, you’ve still got options, with a universe of hardware modules and software applications to choose from.  The WORKABOUT PRO adapts to your changing needs.

The mobile worker is our focus

WORKABOUT PRO’s Natural Task Support™ means mobile workers get the job done faster and more comfortably, even over the longest shifts.

It starts with a full VGA display for finer details in maps and schematics, and easier readability even in low light and direct sunlight. The ergonomic keypad is designed for one-hand operation with clear, unambiguous feedback.  But it also comes down to intangible things like the feel in your hand, the balance and the way your fingers seem to fall in just the right way.

Rugged beyond the ratings

The WORKABOUT PRO is tested to withstand drops from six feet to concrete and easily handles the kind of shock and vibration you get from mounting it on a truck or a forklift.

It has an IP65 rating, protecting it against dust and water sprayed from all directions.  We know because we test our designs in our state of the art testing facility as well with third-party testing houses.  And we never cut corners.  WORKABOUT PRO is built like a brick.

Model Variants


Processor and Memory

• PXA270 520 MHz
• 256 MB Flash, 128 MB RAM

Operating System

• Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0
• Microsoft® Windows® Mobile® 6 Classic, Professional

Wireless Communications

• 802.11a/b/g, 802.11b/g
• GSM/GPRS EDGE - Quad Band - 850/900/1800/1900 Voice and Data
• UMTS/HSDPA - Triple band, 850/1900/2100MHz Voice and Data
• Integrated Bluetooth® class II, V 2.0 + EDR

Barcode Option Modules

•  ID laser scanning expansion  modules:  standard range, long range and auto range configurations
• 1D linear imager expansion module
• 2D area imager expansion module
• Optional bolt-on pistol grip

RFID Option Modules

• High Frequency: 13.56 MHz (Includes Mifare)
• Low Frequency: 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz
• Ultra-High Frequency:  868 MHz to 915 MH


• Full VGA 480 x 640 resolution 3.6 in (9.144 cm) color touch screen display
• Sunlight readable with high reliability LED backlight


• Ergonomically enhanced for ambidextrous one-hand operation
• Backlit, high durability hard-capped keys
• Full alpha-numeric (C model)
• Numeric (S model)

Expansion Slots

• One user accessible SD/MMC memory card slot
• End-cap USB Interface
• 100-PIN expansion interface: supports  PCMCIA (type II), GSM/GPRS EDGE and other third-party expansion modules
developed using Psion Teklogix WORKABOUT PRO Hardware Developer’s Kit.
• Flex cable interface with robust connector:  supports scanner (serial) and imager (USB) modules
• One Type II CF Card Slot

External Connectors

• One tether connection with full RS232 and USB On-The-Go (USB 1.1)
• One Low-Insertion Force (LIF) docking connector
• DC Power Jack

Power Management

• 3000 mAh high capacity battery
• 4000 mAh super high capacity battery
• Advanced smart battery with gas gauge

Drop and Shock

• Withstands multiple drops from 1.8 m (6 ft) or 26 drops (on 12 edges, 6 corners, 8 faces) from 1.5 m  (5 ft) to concrete while powered on and configured with accessories such as WiFi radio, scanner / imager and pistol grip.


• Rain/Dust: IP65, IEC 60529
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C ( -4°F to 122°F)
• 5%-95% RH non-condensing
• Storage temperature: -40°C to +60°C  (-40°F to 140°F)
• ESD: +/- 8kVdc air discharge ,+/- 4kVdc contacts

Size and Weight

• WORKABOUT PRO C:  223 mm x 75/100 mm x 31/42 mm (8.775” x 2.95”/3.94” x 1.22”/1.65”)
• WORKABOUT PRO S:  200 mm x 75/100 mm x 31/42 mm  (7.87” x 2.95”/3.94” x 1.22”/1.65”)

Weight (w/o battery pack): 
• WORKABOUT PRO C: 455 g  (1lb)
• WORKABOUT PRO S: 390 g (0.859 lb)