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Saturno - 100 - 1T COMPACT Labelling Line
compact_product_cylindric_1-medium.jpgApplies labels on the side of the product. 1 x labeling head with max. label width 100mm. Max. label length: 250mm. Fixed speed: 25 meters/m. Conveyor size: Length 1500mm x 150mm. wrap around system for turning the products.
Art.Nr.:AP 500C


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Saturno 1/T - Compact for cylindrical products


LOW COST version of the Saturno for labelling round products, composed by a 25mt/min fix speed conveyor on stainless steel and aluminium base. Available with 1 labelling head and wrap around

Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • Fix speed 25mt/min.
  • wrap round fix speed h55x350mm or h110x350mm (high products)
  • labelling head included with control box controlled by microprocessor and stepper motor
  • column for labelling head with vertical regulation
  • hight from the floor 850mm +/-50mm
  • 220 o 110 V 50/60 Hz
  • width conveyor - 150 mm
  • lenght conveyor 1500mm
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    ekskl. Moms. (25%)
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    ekskl. Moms. (25%)