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Saturno - 100 - 1T Synchro Labelling Line
saturno-simply_1-medium.jpg1 x labeling head with max. label width 100mm. Max. label length: 250mm. PLC for synchronized speed of all components. Easy set-up and control of the label parameters. Conveyor: Length 1500mm x 150mm or 200mm wide.
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video-2.gif Video Synchro 1        video-2.gif Video Synchro 2 
Saturno 1/T - 2/T Synchro
Please note:
Height adjustable stainless steel table with mounting brackets for the labeling head and conveyor.
Core diameter of the roll of labels: 38mm (76mm optional)
Diameter of the roll of labels 300mm Maximum
The Wrap-around unit, Upper stabilizer, Products centerer, Product separator and any other accessories required to apply the label on the specific products,
these HAVE TO BE ADDED to the above-mentioned systems (For prices: see Saturno Accessories). 


Labelling Lines constituted by a conveyor belt with variablespeed on stainless steel monobloc. Synchro version is available with 1 or 2 labelling heads (Maximum label width: 100-140-190-230-260 mm.). This is system for apply on cylindrical, oval and flat products. Controlled by microprocessor board and potentiometers.

Technical characteristics:

  • Building materials – stainless steel
  • Speed 0 and 30 meters
  • Electronic management: PLC controller (multilanguages)
  • Parameters display with touch screen
  • Support column/columns for labelling head/heads with inclination, vertical and horizontal regulation
  • All stepper motors
  • 220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz
  • Standard width of the conveyer belt - 150 or 200mm (other sizes on request)
  • Standard length of the conveyer belt - 1500 or 2000 mm (other sizes on request)


  • Lateral roller for enveloping or semi-enveloping application on round bottles
  • Lateral roller for enveloping application of labels on cone-shaped products
  • Upper roller to settle the flat or oval product during the labelling phase
  • Centring system to line up oval products
  • Spacing system to space out the products before the labelling phase
  • Heat/Dry printing group for the printing of codes and expiry dates directly on the label before the labelling
  • turn table diameter 800 mm. or 1000 mm.
  • wheels
  • Optical/acoustic alarm
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