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Primera CX1200e Digital Color Label Press
primera_cx1200_without_bench-medium.jpgincludes unwind/rewind stations, color laser engine, steel frame, automated tension control station, PTPrint™ production software, printer drivers for Windows® XP/Vista, four high-yield CMYK toner cartridges and 220-250 VAC, (Euro-style plug)
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Primera’s new CX1200e Digital Color Label Press

Primera’s new CX1200e Digital Color Label Press delivers short-run, full-color digital label printing at a breakthrough price.

Utilizing one of the highest-resolution color laser engines available, CX1200e gives you the quality, speed and flexibility of digital presses costing many times more. You’ll be able to produce from one to tens of thousands of labels at a time quickly and at a highly competitive price.

With its heavy-duty, 30,5 cm unwind and rewind capacity, 21,5 cm web width, extra high-yield toner cartridges and affordable acquisition cost, CX1200e is your best way to start making new profits with high-run digital label printing!



Video Demonstration

CX1200e Digital Color Label Press Specifications

Print Speed: 83 mm/second to 137 mm/second
(3.25"/second to 5.4"/second)
5 meters/minute to 8.3 meters/minute
(16.25 feet/minute to 27 feet/minute)
Print Method: Color laser
Display:  4-line, 160 x 64 pixel, backlit gray-scale display
Print Processor: 800 / 133 MHz
Media Width: 8.5" (216mm)
Print Width: Up to 8.25" (210mm)
Print Length: Up to 381 meters (1250 feet) per 305 mm (12") roll of self-adhesive label stock (includes face sheet, adhesive and liner)
Substrate Types: Self-adhesive label stock and approved films
Printing quality modes: 1200 dpi x 600 dpi,
1200 dpi x 1200 dpi,
2400 x 600 dpi
Ink supplies: CMYK 4-color printing
(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
15,000 page extra high yield cartridges
(Rated according to ISO/IEC 19798 guidelines)
Software: PTPrint™ 2.0 RIP Software for Windows®,
Easy to use graphical user interface,
Primera Color System,
Pantone® and ICC color profile support
Input System: Input roll maximum diameter: 12" (305mm)
Core inside diameter: 3" (76.2mm)
Tension control system with automatic paper feed
Maximum input roll weight: 45 lbs. (20.4 kg)
Output System:
Output roll maximum diameter: 12" (305mm)
Core inside diameter 3" (76.2mm)
Tension control system
Maximum output roll weight: 45 lbs. (20.4 kg)
Operating System: Windows® XP/Vista
System Recommendations: Intel® Pentium®-based PC or compatible, 2 GHz processor or higher, 2GB RAM or higher, 100GB or more free hard drive space, VGA video display of 1024x768 or higher, USB 2.0
Dimensions: Without bench: 76"W x 22"H x 22"D (193cmW x 56cmH x 56cmD)
With bench: 76"W x 56.625"H x 30"D (193cmW x 143.8cmH x 76cmD)
Weight: Without bench: Approximately 256 lbs. (116 kg)
With bench: Approximately 456 lbs. (207 kg)
Operating Environment: Temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F),
Humidity: 8 to 80% Relative Humidity,
Altitude: 0 – 3048 Meters (10,000 feet)
Certifications: CSA, ICES Class A, BSMI Class A, VCCI Class A,
FCC Class A, UL 60950-1, IEC 60320-1, CE Class A,
CB IEC 60950-1, IEC 60825-1, GS (TÜV), SEMKO, UL
AR, CS, TÜV Rh, C-tick mark Class A, CCC Class A
Warranty: One year parts and labor
Options: Extended warranty and on-site service agreements
Matching bench with built-in lockable storage
What does the price include?
Everything needed to start producing labels from your Windows XP/Vista PC, including PTPrint 2.0 RIP software, four high yield toner cartridges (CMYK), unwind and rewind, print engine and automatic tensioning control station.
A PC and LCD monitor is not included. The LCD monitor mounting bracket is included.
How fast is the CX1200e?
Default print speed is 83 mm/second to 137 mm per second( 3.25" per second to 5.4"/second) which is equivalent to 5.3 meters per minute (17.5 feet per minute). Speeds of up to 8.3 meters per minute (27 fpm) are possible on certain substrates.
Is Pantone® color matching included?
Yes, a Pantone spot color profile for our standard bright white laser sheet is included. Keep in mind that CMYK presses reproduce about 35 to 50% of the Pantone Spot Color book. Our press accurately reproduces about 46% of Pantone Spot Colors.
See the Pantone Color Bridge Book for details and examples of which colors are reproducible with CMYK.
An ICC (International Color Consortium) profile is also included for precise matching to monitors, scanners and other input/output devices and for creating custom Pantone profiles.
What does the toner cost?
We provide only extra high yield, 15,000 page toner carts, making cost per label very competitive. Cost per label varies greatly depending upon percent coverage. Generally speaking, a full-color 60% coverage label will cost about €0.003 per square inch, equivalent to about €3.00/msi.
What kinds of substrates can be used?
Most laser-qualified plain papers and many types of polyester (white and clear) are acceptable. A list of recommended substrates is available on request.
Is it Mac compatible?
PTPrint 2.0 software runs only under Windows XP/Vista, but can import most popular Mac file formats.
What exactly does the software do?
PTPrint 2.0 is a production tool that helps you streamline the running of your digital label jobs. Major features include:
• import of the label artwork
• control over color matching
• step-and-repeat
• automatic calibration of the amount of “stretch” and insertion of timing marks required for rotary die-cutting
• built-in job estimator which uses the actual digital file for optimal accuracy
Can the press be hooked up via Ethernet?
Not directly, but through the production PC it can be connected to a standard Ethernet 10/100/1000 office network.
Is the ink waterproof?
Yes, it is. It also has multi-year UV resistance without lamination. Lamination as a post-process will further increase UV resistance and give additional abrasion resistance. Primera’s toner is one of the best on the market for UV resistance, far surpassing the life of other brands of laser toner.
What is the print resolution?
Three print resolutions are supported:
• 600 x 600 dpi
• 1200 x 1200 dpi
• 2400 x 600 dpi
What is the rated duty cycle?
Up to 45,720 meters (150,000 feet per month – equivalent to over one million 10 x 7.5 cm (4” x 3”) full-color labels!
Does it print on die-cut labels?
No. Our research strongly indicates that laser and LED print engines are not suited for printing onto pre die-cut stocks.
What imaging technology is used in CX1200Eand what are the advantages of laser versus LED print engines?
The CX1200e’s latest-generation laser engine provides 2400 dpi scan resolution, while LED arrays are limited to just 1200 dpi.

In an LED system, the lens must be located much closer to the photoconductor surface than in a laser system. The close proximity of the lens to the photoconductor can lead to toner contamination on the lens and streaks in the print. Maintenance is required frequently to keep the lens clean makes it very difficult to run longer jobs.
In a laser system, photoconductor exposure is inherently uniform.
Any variation in exposure across the scan is gradual. In contrast, an LED system uses multiple LED arrays to achieve full-width photoconductor exposure. The use of multiple LED arrays can lead to step changes in exposure at array boundaries, which produce print defects (knit lines). This problem may be exacerbated by temperature and aging.
This site explains how two technologies are different: http://mimech.com/printers/laser-printer-technology.asp

Generally speaking, LEDs are also much more difficult to keep properly aligned. You need an LED for each addressable point on the image, and going to higher resolutions increases the number of LEDs required. Keeping them aligned is difficult.
The principal advantage to laser is print quality. Lasers are easily capable of true 1200 dpi and scan resolutions up to 2400 dpi. Dot size, shape and density are much better controlled with a laser. This helps with edge smoothing of text and lines and resolution enhancements for photos.
LED's can also suffer from something called LED streaks. If you have large areas of mid tones (like 25% grey) slight variations of power delivery to each LED can cause vertical (process direction) streaks (areas that are lighter or darker than they are supposed to be).

Excellent print quality at high speeds also favors laser technology.

How do I get the labels die cut, laminated, stripped, re-wound, etc.?
You can use almost any of the post-finishing machines on the market that are compatible with HP Indigo presses. Manufacturers include AB Graphic, Austek, Daco Solutions, Rotoflex, Sohn and many others. Links to many of these companies are available at www.primeralabel.com.
What is the maximum roll diameter size?
CX1200e takes up to a 304 mm (12 inch) maximum roll diameter. On a 40# facestock with a 50# liner, this is equivalent to about 381 m (1250’). This is the standard roll diameter for most automated label applicators.
Some of the biggest automated label applicators take up to a 355 mm (14”) roll diameter but that is too heavy for a normal person to lift up onto the CX1200e’s rewinds or onto an automatic label applicator. So we decided 304 mm was a more “workable” size for most people.
What is the warranty?
One year parts and labor. Extended and on-site warranties are also available at extra cost. On-site service plans are available in many major countries; please inquire with Primera or your local distributor for details.
What kind of maintenance is required?
The same as most office laser printers: scheduled replacement of transfer belt, fuser and waste toner bin, occasional vacuuming of the interior of the printer to remove paper dust and excess toner.
Can someone install the press at my location?
Yes, for factory installation and training please inquire for pricing.
No-charge operator training is held on a regular basis at Primera Europe in Wiesbaden (Germany), Primera's headquarter in Plymouth (Minneapolis), Minnesota, USA and at Primera Asia Pacific in Melbourne, Australia.
What type of operating environment is required?
Most temperature-controlled office or shop environments are acceptable.
How many labels per job are typically run on the press?

It depends upon the size of the label. Generally speaking, runs of just a few labels to ten of thousands of labels are appropriate and cost-effective for CX1200e. The input roll is 381 m (1250’). The press has been designed to print from one meter to all 381m at one time.

What level of consistency can I expect from the first label to the last label?
The CX1200e’s heat control is extremely sophisticated; in fact, it was one of the most critical elements of the software development. Depending upon the colors utilized, a slight shift can be expected on runs of more than a few hundred feet at a time.
Is unattended operation possible?
Yes. Once a job is started, the operator can walk away and return when the job is finished. There is no real need to monitor the job while it prints since functions like color consistency are automatic.
How much waste is there at the beginning of a job?
Almost none. When starting a job, the operator simply loads about 24” of substrate from the input roll. The press software automatically generates a blank leader of approximately 3 feet, saving toner. The leader is taped onto the output core and the job starts to print.
Are software upgrades available?
Yes. As new features are added, low-cost or free software upgrades are available on Primera’s website at www.primeralabel.eu.
Where is the press assembled?
At Primera’s main factory in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA.
Who is Primera?
Primera is one of the world’s leading specialty printer companies. The company has been in business for more than 33 years and has developed and produced well over a million printers.
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