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Primera FX400e Foil Imprinting System
Made By:Primera

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FX400e Foil Imprinting System for shiny metallic gold and silver labels

Primera's new FX400e Foil Imprinting System

Now you can add brilliant, shiny metallic gold and silver highlights to your inkjet-printed labels. It's fast and easy with Primera's new FX400e Foil Imprinting System.

FX400e works in-line with any of Primera's LX-Series Color Label Printers. The process is 100% digital, so you can print virtually any design: borders, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and more.

Clear film is also available for FX400e. It lets you produce labels with a high degree of resistance to water, chemicals, cleaning solutions, UV and other harsh environmental factors.

primera-fx400-lx400.jpg          primera-fx400-lx810.jpg
LX400e and FX400e                       LX810e and FX400e

Produce labels with shiny gold and silver metallic decoration!

It's a fact: shiny gold or silver highlights on your labels gets them noticed. That's why hot-stamping has been popular for so many years.

However, hot-stamping has a number of challenges. Set-up costs are expensive. Making a die takes time. You can't change the image without incurring more expenses. And there's almost always a minimum run of thousands of labels.

Primera's new FX400e Foil Laminating System changes all of that. Now, you can easily add brilliant, shiny borders, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and more to your inkjet-printed product labels. You can print as few or as many at a time as you actually need.


Shiny gold or silver decoration on labels makes your products stand out at retail, helping you sell more. It also adds a touch of elegance and luxury, enhancing the value of your products.

Here's how FX400e works:

  1. Connect FX400e and your existing Primera LX-Series Color Label Printer to the same PC via USB.
  2. Drag two print files into the PTFoil Software: one for full-color printing and the other with your design for foil imprinting.
  3. Enter the number of labels you want and press "Enter" on the PC.

The heavy-duty metal mounting stand and integrated software makes sure everything works perfectly whether you're printing one or hundreds of labels at a time.


Specifications FX400e Foil Imprinting System

Imprint Method: Thermal transfer
Imprint Resolution: 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
Print Speed: 50.8mm (2") per second
Imprint Width: 19mm (.75") to 104mm (4.125")
Data Interface: USB 1.1 or 2.0

DC output: 24 VDC @ 3.75A, AC input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Software (included): PTFoil by Primera
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista©



8.4 kg/18.5 lbs. (not including LX-Series Printer)


With LX400e: 406mmW x 1016mmL x 311mmH (16"W x 40"L x 12.25"H)
With LX810e: 432mmW x 1016mmL x 346mmH (17"W x 40"L x 13.625"H)

Foil Supplies:

TuffCoat Gold Foil, TuffCoat Silver Foil, TuffCoat Clear Foil


LX-Series printers are not included in the price of the FX400e Foil Imprinting System.

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