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Epson TM-C3400 Colour label printer
epson-tm-c3400-medium.jpgmedia widths: 25 - 112 mm, printing width: 20 - 104 mm, prints up to 1.000 labes per hour, USB connector, colour: white, integrated PSU and auto-cutter

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Highly efficient ink jet printer for colour labels
Epson TM-C3400
Fast ink jet colour label printer
Media width from 30 to 112 mm, printing width from 20 to 104 mm
Prints up to 1,000 labels per hour and up to 10,000 labels per cartridge
Wide range of media: perforated labels, wristbands, tickets, continuous paper and labels
Complete kit: with auto-cutter and integrated power supply unit, USB or Ethernet interface
Whether warnings on packages, colour codes on component parts, coloured notes in patient charts or personalised tickets and wristbands: colour highlights important information, facilitates intuitive understanding and helps to optimise working processes and to prevent mistakes. With the Epson colour label printer TM-C3400, you will now be able to produce such meaningful labels yourself easily. This fast multi-talent is able to process a wide range of formats, materials, and surfaces while keeping costs low. The special ink used guarantees to be durable and smudge-proof.

The TM-C3400 suits applications in retail, medical engineering and production – or any field where the need for small numbers of high-quality labels arises. Producing these oneself often is a much more cost-effective solution than buying pre-printed products. The Epson TM-C3400 is an economic and versatile printer as it is able to process labels, wristbands, tickets, continuous and pre-cut paper with a width of 30 to 112 mm (printing width from 20 to 104 mm). The integrated auto-cutter cuts rolls and continuous paper according to individual preferences. This reduces waste and makes large stocks of various label sizes redundant. Paper is supplied by inserted rolls or via the backside slit for fanfold media.

The TM-C3400 also reaches top marks in terms of printing speed: up to 1,000 labels per hour, depending on the size and resolution. Another feature is its economy: one ink cartridge lasts for up to 10,000 labels. Thermal transfer printers, on the other hand, always use up colour ribbon the size of the label, even when only one line needs to be printed.

Many applications require labels that are durable and smudge-proof, such as the medical sector where labels must resist cleaning and disinfectant. Epson’s pigment ink guarantees greater durability for graphics, photos, text and bar codes than other printing techniques.

In spite of the printer’s many features, its well thought handling is easy even for beginners. It also has a particularly ergonomic advantage: it is the only printer on the market that has its complete controls on the front side. This allows the paper and cartridge to be replaced in no time even in cases where the printer is placed on a shelf or under a counter.

The printer is easily connected to common systems via USB 2.0 or Ethernet. Its extensive software and driver support and the included software development kit ensure centralised administration options and configuration of huge networks with up to 64 printers.

Last but not least, using the Epson TM-C3400 has a positive effect on the wallet. It consumes much less power than common thermal printers or even other ink jet technologies – in stand-by mode as well as in use. How come? – Usual printer technologies work by heating individual components, which requires a lot of energy; the Epson piezoelectric printing technology functions without heat.
TM-C3400 technical specification
Print method

Serial inkjet dot matrix (Max. 720 dpi × 360 dpi)  

Print Font

Not equipped with print fonts; prints all data as the graphic data


This printer does not have a barcode / two-dimensional symbol encoding function.
Following barcode / two-dimensional symbol data (graphic data) are provided by the EPSON Windows driver.
Barcodes: UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN13(EAN), JAN8(EAN), Code39, ITF, Codabar, Code93, Code128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Truncated, GS1 DataBar Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded
2-dimensional symbols: PDF417, QR Code, Maxi Code, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked, Composite Symbology, DataMatrix, Aztec


USB 2.0 or Ethernet IEEE 802.3

Print speed

Max. 92 mm / sec. (printing width: 56 mm, 360 dpi × 180 dpi, bi-directional printing)


Plain paper, Fine paper, Continuous paper
Width: 30 to 108 mm (Paper width) Thickness: 0.085 ~ 0.151 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Continuous label
Width: 25.4 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: 0.128 ~ 0.195 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Die-cut label
Width: 25.4 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: Plain paper: 0.128 mm, Fine paper: 0.145 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Fan-fold continuous paper
Width: 50 to 108 mm (Paper width) Thickness: 0.119 ~ 0.151 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Die-cut or Fan-fold label paper with black marks
Width: 46 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: 0.145 ~ 0.161 mm

Wristband for direct print

Roll paper or Fan-fold paper
Width: 30 mm (Paper width)

Printing width

Max. 104 mm

Ink cartridge

SJIC15P (3-color combined, pigment ink)

Power supply

Embedded AC adapter

Power consumption

Operating: Approx. 26 W Stand by: Approx. 5 W


MTBF: 75,000 hours, MCBF: 9.8 mio lines


Full cut auto cutter included

Overall dimensions (mm)

255 (W) × 275 (D) × 261 (H)

Mass (approx.)

ca. 10.0 kg

EMC standards

VCCI class B, FCC class B, CE marking

Safety Standards

UL / CSA / TÜV (EN60950-1)

Operating System

Microsoft Windows® 2000 SP4, Microsoft Windows® XP SP3, Microsoft Windows® 2003 R2 SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista® SP1 (Only 32 bit Version support)

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