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Urano SPIT “wipe-on” Applicator (NO PRINTER INCL.)
urano-spit-with_zebra-printer-medium.jpgSpecially adapted for thermal transfer printer. Label application on the top and side of the product. Excluding: XLT Floor stand.
Art.Nr.:AP 890

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Urano  SPIT  “wipe-on” Applicator


Special system for printing ad applying labels on flat or slightly irregular products in movement. It is combinable at the end of the line with taping machines, box moulding-machines or in exit from thermo-retractile packers. The application system functions by means of a film unrolling blade. You will be able to print logos, alphanumeric data and bar codes by means of software.

Urano pneumatic system is available with TEC - ZEBRA – DATAMAX – INTERMEC – SATO printers.

Specially adapted for thermal transfer printer

Label application on the top and side of the product

“wipe-on” label application

Product/start sensor

Delay feature to apply the label anywhere on the selected side of the product

Special internal control board to integrate the Zebra  printer

Electronic control box with LCD display for label parameters

Product sensor is included

Excluding: XLT Floor stand and height and X – Y adjustable column


Technical characteristics:

  • Printing definition - 200 dpi or 300dpi
  • Max spool Internal diameter - 45 mm
  • Max spool External diameter - 180 mm
  • Internal rewinder for silicon paper
  • Connection with parallel or RS232
  • Printing- thermal conveyance or direct thermal
  • Max speed 12/15 meters per minute (depending on the printer used and its velocity)
  • Application made by wipe on system
  • Label designer Software in windows
  • Start photocell included
  • 220 v 50/60hz


  • lamp allarm for finished label or ribbon
  • Standard software
  • Supporting column with basement
  • Auto-blocking wheels
    Urano  SPIT  “wipe-on” Applicator
    with Zebra Printer                                        with TEC Printer 
    urano-spit-zebra-medium.jpg     urano-spit-tec-medium.jpg