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urano-pneumatic-medium.jpgReal-time print and apply system. Base for the thermal transfer printer. Anti-Rotation pneumatic cylinder with vacuum and blow plate. Label blow/tamp application using compressed air. Cylinder stroke (200 –300mm) to be defined by the application.
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Print and apply system for labels in real time, through a cylinder with label suction plate and label inspiration directly on the product. This system permits either the upper or the lateral applications. You will be able to print logos, alphanumeric data and bar codes by means of software.

Urano pneumatic system is available with TEC - ZEBRA – DATAMAX – INTERMEC – SATO printers.

Technical characteristics:

  • Print & Apply system with pneumatic application for self adhesive labels in roll
  • Lateral, top or bottom application
  • Cylinder with application run between 150 up to 300 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Suction plate label-shaped
  • Printing definition - 200 dpi or 300 dpi
  • Printing - thermal conveyance or direct thermal
  • speed 12/15 meters per minute (depending on the printer used and its velocity)
  • Pneumatic material - SMC or FESTO
  • Label designer software in Windows
  • Manometer for air compressed regulation
  • Controlling switchboard with microprocessor for the managing of the application cycle, suction time, assist time, cylinder run delay, managing and signalling of the printer and pneumatic anomalies


  • Supporting column with stand
  • Standard software
  • Special software
  • Sensor for the presence of the label on the plate
  • Auto-dimensioning sensor for the cylinder run, for products with different heights
  • Lamp alarm