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DEMO EBS 6100 Småskrift Ink-Jet Printer 4 LINIER
ebs_6100-medium.jpgEkskl. Printhovedbeslag og Fotocelle. Solvent forbrug 320-400 timer pr. liter
Made By:EBS

ekskl. Moms. (25%)

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Performance parameters
Parameter Value
Number of print-heads 1
Print height from 1.5 to 12 mm
Distance between print-head and object from 1 to 30 mm
Print-head position during the printing any
rint-head dimensions diameter: Ø 40 mm, length: 163 mm
Length of print-head cable 4 m
Ink types coloured homogeneous non-pigment inks, provided that ink of one type only is used
Character size (matrices)

5x5, 7x5, 9x5, 9x7, 11x8, 12x6, 12x7, 14x9, 16x10, 16x14 Option: 21x15, 25x15, 32x18 and others SEE-FONTS

National characters multilingual diacritical characters (also Polish characters), the Cyrillic alphabet, Arabic characters, Japanese characters (katakana and a set of kanji characters), Chinese or Korean characters
Number of lines up to 2 for the 7x5-dot matrix; option 3 and 4

Graphics of any length and a height of up to 32 dots to be inserted at any point of a text to be printed (a built-in graphics processor)

Special graphics characters a set of pre-programmed graphics characters of frequent use, in the form of 7, 16 and 25-dot SEE-FONTS
Bar codes

Option: Datalogic, Matrix, 2/5 5 Bars, Interleaved, Alpha 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 128, EAN-128, Code 128B, ITF8, ITF14.
All bar codes can be printed in inversion a preset number of times and supplemented by numerical label and the width of stripes can be adjusted after ink changes its consistency.

Two-dimensional (2D) code Option: Data Matrix ECC-200
Maximum print rate for Speed=FAST

1488 cps for 7x5 matrix*),
334 cps for 16x10 matrix *).
*) plus 1-row space between characters

Maximum print rate for Speed=SLOW 372 cps for 7x5 matrix*),
88 cps for 16x10 matrix*),
55 cps for 25x14 matrix*),
32 cps for 32x18 matrix*).
Timing an internal generator whose timing frequency is defined with appropriate print parameters,

an external sensor of conveyor travel rate, a shaft-encoder,
Detector of objects to be labelled a photo-detector as standard,
other detectors can be connected, if required by a user
Terminal a built-in graphics terminal equipped with an alphanumerical keyboard and LCD graphics display as standard,
a multilingual user interface also including the Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages
Control and operation with the use of an external IBM-compatible PC (optional and independent on the built-in terminal) EBS_square.gif to control the operation of one printer via the program EdGraf and either an RS-232C interface for cables up to 10 m long as standard, with the option of automatic negotiation of the transmission rate of 9600 Bd or 19200 Bd, or an RS-485 interface for longer connections,
EBS_square.gif to control a network of interconnected EBS printers of various types via the program InkNet and an RS-485 interface; transmission rate of 19200 B
Additional serial port to connect external devices such as scales, bar code readers, computers and others V24/RS232 or TTL, the maximum transmission rate of 19200 Bd
Operating conditions
Power supply input rating:
AC 87-242V at 45-440Hz, DC 90-350V;
0,5 - 0,27 A for standard version
Compressed air supply not required !!! EBS_square.gif
Environment operating temperature:
from +5°C to +40°C as standard,
from -10°C for special versions;

relative humidity:
up to 90% noncondensing
Acceptable exposure to vibration and impacts vibration:
up to 1g at the maximum of 10Hz;
up to 1g for the maximum of 2 ms
Dimensions height: 435 mm,
width: 300 mm,
depth: 202 mm,

width when the ink system door is open: 382 mm,
length (depth) when the ink system door is open: 410 mm
Weight approximately 12.9 kg without ink or solvent bottles
Required inactive time none; the device can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours
Ink system to be filled with homogenous non-pigment inks, equipped with an ink pressure pump and a separate vacuum pump,
EBS_square.gif does not require any compressed air supply