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NCR RealPOS 7167 Thermal Receipt Printer
ncr_7167-10xx-2.jpg80MM RS232 USB W/CUTTER BEIGE
Made By:NCR


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NCR RealPOS 7167 Thermal Receipt Printer Data Sheet - English (PDF Format)


NCR RealPOS 7167 Thermal Receipt Printer

The NCR RealPOS 7167 multifunction printer is designed to deliver extremely fast, reliable and quiet printing of receipts and paper forms. The NCR RealPOS 7167 can positively impact your store productivity with its intelligent design and operator friendly features.
Intelligent and Intuitive Design
NCR Human Factors Engineering studies show that the NCR RealPOS 7167 is easy and intuitive to operate, contributing to operator productivity and allowing employees to focus on what is important – the customer.

The NCR RealPOS 7167 is designed with modular serviceability, providing fast and economical repairs. The product stores diagnostic tallies in the printer memory, such as hours in operation, MICR reads and lines and characters printed. Retailers can print this information on demand or view remotely. Managers can use the information on printer usage to balance loads in multilane environments and extend the life of the entire install base.