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IBM 4610-TF6 Sure Mark POS Printer
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SureMark single-station printers

Fast, high-quality thermal receipt printing for food service, specialty and many other retailers
Single-station models of IBM SureMark™ 4610 printers are specifically engineered to deliver exceptional reliability and fast, quiet, high-quality thermal printing—even in harsh retail environments.

These high-quality thermal printers deliver up to 52 lps for SBCS or 50 lps for DBCS fonts¹. They offer a thermal receipt printing station, as well as multiple features to help maximize uptime and convenience: 

  • Optional spill-resistant cover helps protect against liquid hazards
  • Retail-hardened design helps defend against dust, dirt, shock and vibration
  • Space-saving footprint with optional wall-mount
  • True-type® fonts for "newspaper-style" printing
  • Thermal paper for accent color printing
Feature Benefits
Spill-resistant cover Helps protect the printer against grease, water and other liquid hazards in food service establishments
Space-saving design Small footprint consumes very little counter space. Or choose the optional wall-mount with upside-down printing, which keeps the printer off the counter yet receipts stay right-side up as they exit the unit.
Extra large paper rolls Extra large paper rolls (90mm-diameter) and an optional bracket that allows even bigger rolls to be mounted under the countertop help minimize reloads
Superior print quality TrueType® fonts enable "newspaper style" printing with proportional, scalable characters that attract customers' attention and improve the readability of targeted marketing messages
Color printing Use thermal paper to highlight special offers, savings totals, loyalty points and other details in red or blue.
Flash memory storage Allows retailers to add logos to receipts, use barcodes to expedite returns or print coupons and special offers without slowing transaction times.
Electronic journaling support Helps eliminate the time and expense of printing, storing and managing paper journal rolls.
Modular interface adapters Adapters connect SureMark Printers to a wide range of POS hardware and enable retailers to switch interfaces as necessary in the future.
Model 3/4 emulation  Allows retailers to upgrade printers speed, print quality and overall ease of use without the time and cost of reconfiguring existing POS software.
SureMark single-station printer specifications
  TM6/DM6 TF6/IF6 TM7/TF7
Maximum printing speed 1
Receipt station
(one-color paper)
52 lps @ 8 lpi, 39 lps @ 6 lpi 50 lps @ 7.7 lpi
Receipt station
(two-color paper)
35 lps @ 8 lpi, 26 lps @ 6 lpi 30 lps
Printing resolution (thermal) 203 dpi 203 dpi 203 dpi
Memory usage
Data buffer RAM 16KB 16KB 16KB
Flash memory for microcode 512KB 512KB 512KB
Flash memory for offline journal 104KB 104KB 360KB
Flash memory for logos 64KB to 168KB 64KB to 168KB 64KB to 420KB
Flash memory for fixed messages 8KB 8KB 8KB
Flash memory for code pages 80KB 80KB 153KB
2MB and 8MB flash memory Optional Optional Optional
Interfaces Powered USB, standard USB (external power brick required), RS-485, standard RS-232 (external power brick required)
Mounting options Integrated with POS/ Distributed/ Wall-mounted
Ports Cash drawer (+24V)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 145 x 177 2 x 95mm 3 (5.5 x 7 x 3.75")
Weight 1.4kg (3.0 lbs)
Industry Standards
Resident barcode formats UPC A/E, JAN 8 (EAN), Code 39, ITF, Code 93, Code 128 a, b and c, Codabar, PDF417
Peripheral options
Integration kits
  • IBM SurePOS 700 Series
  • IBM SurePOS 4694 System
  • IBM SurePOS 500 Series
  • IBM SurePOS 600 Series
  • IBM SurePOS 700 Series
  • IBM SurePOS 4694 System
Spill-resistant cover Yes Yes Yes
Power brick Yes Yes Yes
Supply options
  • IBM now offers branded paper supplies. For more information please contact your IBM sales representative.
Software 4
Operating system support 5
  • IBM 4690 Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (Professional Edition)
  • Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Professional Edition)
  • Red Hat® Linux
Drivers supported 6
  • OLE for Point of Sale (OPOS)
  • JavaPOS™
  • POSS for Microsoft Windows
  • POSS for Linux®
  • DOS
  • Native Windows driver for Microsoft Windows
  • OLE for Point of Sale (OPOS)
  • JavaPOS
  • POSS for Microsoft Windows
  • POSS for Linux
  • DOS
North America Yes Yes No
Latin America TM6 only TF6 only No
Europe, Middle East, Africa TM6 only TF6 only No
Asia Pacific TM6 only TF6 only Yes


  1. Indicates maximum rated speed. Actual print speed depends on user-specific configuration of interface, application, operating system and drivers.
  2. Indicates depth at counter. Projected depth is 196mm (7.7")
  3. Rear height is 121.5mm (4.8")
  4. Rear height is 190.5mm (7.5")
  5. Some printer functions may not be supported by all combinations of operating systems and drivers
  6. Please visit the IBM support Web site ( ibm.com/solutions/retail/store/support/) to obtain the latest compatibility data for operating systems, interfaces and IBM hardware.