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Samsung Bixolon Termo Bon-Printer SRP-350Plus
samsung-bixolon-350plus-medium.jpgmed Auto Cutter og USB interface, er fuldt kompatibel med Epson TM-88 og ESC/POS
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New edition of the proven Bixolon SPR-350 – with greater performance
Bixolon SRP-350plus
The Bixolon SRP-350 hit the market in 2000 with its excellent quality and performance and has since then become one of the best-selling thermal direct printers for POS applications. To continue the success of this model and to continue to be market leaders in printer development, Bixolon released the model successor the SRP-350plus.
New functions and features make the SRP-350plus a model that satisfies all the market demands – this model is so highly specialized that it is even prepared to meet future demands.

A printing speed of up to 200 mm per second make the SRP-350plus one of the fastest cash desk printers in the world! Still, speed is not everything the new SRP-350plus excels in – reliability and useful features like an on-board USB 2.0 interface that can be combined with an additional interface when required. Additionally, the printer can create vouchers and receipts in high-quality two-colour prints. The size and appearance of the SRP-350plus is exactly that of its predecessor SRP-350, which is also still available and is no slouch either, printing at 150 mm per second.

SRP-350plus features
  • High printing speed: Up to 200 mm per second
  • Prints vouchers extremely quietly, even in two colours
  • Optimized hardware components and software features guarantee fast and fail-safe use
  • Integrated CPU (32 bit), large memory (4 MB), EPROM (64Kbyte)
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) on-board
  • Various interface versions: Serial, parallel, Ethernet, etc.
  • Easy paper handling: No more paper threading
  • Fail-safe auto-cutter: More than 1.8 million cuts
  • User-defined software features: Firmware download
  • Virtual Memory Switch Manager (VMSM)*, NV Image Tool
  • Integrated bar code printing: 2D-Bar codes, PDF417, QR Code

    Fast printing for images and text
    In order to decrease waiting time and to increase checkout throughput even in peak hours, the SRP-350plus was designed with a stunning thirty percent improvement in printing speed compared to its predecessor. Even with the improved performance, quality was maintained. A printing speed of up to 200 mm per second (62 rows/sec.), an integrated CPU and a large graphics memory create professional receipts and vouchers with logos, images and bar codes at 180dpi, highest quality and speed.

    Fail-safe auto-cutter – designed for long-term use
    The new auto-cutter of the SRP-350plus has an exceptional reliability of more than 1.8 million cuts – long-term use without impact on quality or speed are guaranteed. It cuts vouchers either with full or partial (centre) cut off the roll. Its mechanical design, sturdy cutting blade and also the housing were improved over the standard model to ensure even longer operation without failures. It incorporates a conceptualized design that keeps maintenance times as short as possible: In case of paper jams, users reach the paper guide easily as it is located directly under the lid.

    Easy paper handling
    Roll changes of the SRP-350plus are easy even for untrained personnel who master the process in seconds. Paper threading is not necessary with this mode. Consequently, paper rolls of up to 80 mm width are inserted in no time at all.

    High-Speed USB 2.0 – on-board
    USB interfaces have already become standard in IT and are now becoming so at POS terminals. Nowadays, various POS systems require USB 2.0. however, most cash desk printers still operate with USB 1.1. The SRP-350plus is different: It features a USB 2.0 high-speed interface with a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps. Compared to that, USB 1.1 can only reach a mere 12 Mbps. Even though it incorporates the newest USB standard, USB 1.1 compatibility is always guaranteed. The SRP-350plus offers USB 2.0 in all standard versions on-board. If your customer wants to communicate via USB, additional interfaces are not required! If your customer still requires a serial or parallel interface, you can simply equip it with the appropriate interface module.

    High performance and user-defined software tools
    The SRP-350plus comes with special features and software tools. A Flash-ROM for firmware upgrades prepares you for future demands. With the NV image tool you can export company logos or sale related graphics directly on to the printer’s large 4 MB graphic memory. However, with the high-speed interface this is almost irrelevant, as the transfer speed of 480 Mbps means that you can send your images almost in real-time to the printer. The Virtual Memory Switch Manager (VMSM*) and Statistic Data capability offer your customers enormous flexibility and a continuous overview of the hardware status.

    All SRP-350plus features at a glance

  • Very fast printing of text and Graphics
  • Two-colour printing at 180dpi
  • Integrated buzzer (configurable with ESC commands)
  • Easy firmware upgrades and logo downloads with memory extension and extensive software tools
  • High flexibility with interface modules (serial, parallel and USB)
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP/2003 Server and OPOS (UPOS Version 1.9) compatible
  • Multi-Power AC adaptor (100 -240V, 50/60Hz) included
  • Extensive accessories (wall mounting, splash water protection, external buzzer, etc.)
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