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Baracoda Dongle USB Plug&Scan Bluetooth Class 1
baracoda_usb-bluetooth-dongle-medium.jpgBluetooth compliant - radio range Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100 m) - The Plug&Scan dongles are dedicated to simplify the installation of Baracoda Bluetooth barcode scanners.
Made By:Baracoda

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The easiest and fastest way to achieve instant connection with Baracoda Bluetooth Readers
  • Completely Plug & Scan solution: no driver, no software needed!
  • Installation takes a few seconds 
  • Bluetooth Class 1 product - 100m operational range (300ft)

Easy, fast and efficient! 

The USB Plug & Scan Dongle allows simplifying the use and installation of Baracoda Bluetooth readers by keeping Baracoda products main features:

  • Beep acknowledgment
  • Automatic reconnection
  • Data bufferisation

It is compatible with any device that can accept USB Keyboard emulation.

This product can also be sold through our bundles offer with Baracoda Bluetooth barcode readers.