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SATO S70 Label Dispenser
sato_s70_dispenser-medium.gifAC Adapter included
Made By:SATO

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The S70 Portable Label dispenser. Designed to dispense Small Labels, Clear Labels, Black or Silver Polyester Labels.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 110mm W x L 260mm L x 170mm H
Weight: 1550g (excluding battery)
Power Supply: AC Adaptor
Label Feed Speed: Max 110mm/s
Label Width: 15 ~70mm (backing paper 18 ~73mm)
Label length: 10 ~150mm
Label Roll: Core Diameter: Min 25mm
Outer Diameter: max 120mm

Energy saving function Auto power off (power off for every 5 minutes of non-operation)

Protection function Auto stop when detecting label

Auto stop when detecting low battery

Dimensions (H x W x D) 170 mm x 260 mm x 170 mm

Weight 15,5 kg (without battery)

  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Sync Connector
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ekskl. Moms. (25%)
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ekskl. Moms. (25%)
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