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Labelmate COUNT-100 Label width up to 170 mm
labelmate_count-100-medium.jpgPC-1 Preset Counter mounted on chassis with guides to position label web through sensor gap. Adjustable counter sensitivity. Counts single / multi-across labels or preset batch size. Can stop Rewinder (CAT-2) automatically when job is finished. NOTE
Made By:Labelmate

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NOTE: Requires a CAT-2 Rewinder to pull your labels through the Counter. Can also be used with a Label Unwinder to form a complete off-line label counting and manual inspection station. No slitting function is included

The COUNT-100 and COUNT-200 Counters can count up, or count up to a preset count as you wish. If desired, when the pre-set count is reached, the COUNT-100 and COUNT-200 can send a “HALT” signal to the CAT-2 Rewinder, causing it to stop.

The counter sensor itself is a state-of-the-art infra-red transmissive device that shines through the label web and detects the gap between successive labels. There is a sensitivity control to adjust for different kinds of label webs. Create your counting station by adding the Rewinder and Unwinder of your choice to the COUNT-100 or COUNT-200.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The COUNT-100 and COUNT-200 can not be used for transparent labels.